Saturday, 16 February 2013

4 week weigh in

I'm happy with my results, but haven't shared them really with friends. Why? Because if I tell everyone I feel like they are probably thinking "ya ya, you're just going to gain it back." It's a possibility yes, but I think with the other changes that I'm applying to my life, better results should be lasting.

I've also lost a total of 12 inches in the areas that I'm measuring. I haven't measured my arms and legs for some reason and I think I'm going to add that in for next month.

I'm at the gym consistently about 5 days per week with at least 50 minutes of cardio. I'm running again on the treadmill and slowly preparing myself to run on pavement. On Thursday of this week I ran 6.4km in 50 minutes, killing over 760 calories according my heart rate monitor. My heart rate gets quite high, around 85% of my max but cardiovascular, I feel pretty good.

Food is also going well. I'm finding a nice balance with consumption and then burning off any extra I may have consumed. I'm having cheat days guilt free which is huge. Cheat days used to completely destroy my diet. Also, I feel like the little cheats that I have are keeping me sane and keeping this journey real!  Most days I have a shake in the morning from It Works, which I add coconut milk to as well as mango's.

Goals over the next 2-3 months are to lose about 19 more lbs and run as much as I can outside on pavement so that I can successfully do a real 5k in Detroit in May.

How is everyone else doing with their goals to obtain better health?


  1. I seriously wish I had your willpower! The dieting isn't exactly my biggest issue- it's getting on the treadmill. I move so little these days, I'm surprised I'm not moss covered by now.
    Good for you- hopefully I'll use this post as inspiration for myself to get moving again!

    1. Will power comes and goes. I can go hardcore for months, then totally screw it all up and become a couch potato again. I have to find a nice balance to help with maintaining I think.