Sunday, 10 February 2013

My laundry room had a hoarding problem

Until this weekend. :)

I tackled the mess!

We are a family of four with a enough clothes to clothe a small village. Seriously.

Now when it comes to clothes we (or I really) run into two issues. The first and most obvious for most families is the rapid rate that children out grown their clothing. It's truly nuts. I'm not very tall, I stand only 5'3", but daughter who is only 7, is 3/4's of height already. If she keeps growing like this, she's going to outgrow my by the age of 12. The second problem, and this is almost like a true hoarder (or so I've seen on TV) is that I have trouble parting with outgrown clothes of my children because they hold a sentimental value to me. A memory. Something fabulous happened when they wore something. These clothes trigger a happy memory. Surely I can't be the only crazy mom out there like that right?

Sadly though, I mustered up the courage to donate 3 garbage bags full of clothes to Goodwill. I just have to know in my heart that other families can enjoy some of these outfits and have their own memories with them.

Now the true task is to try and keep it organized longer than a week. We're lacking a dresser in Kay's rooms and I think that might be a great purchase to help me with keeping it looking like the rest of the house.

This past weekend involved a lot of cleaning, organizing and purging. Still more purging needs to be done (kids toys next) but its a start and having an entire weekend to tackle such things don't happen very often.

I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend.

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