Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I ran today

I sure did. I'm quite proud of myself. I ran over 5km. But it was on a treadmill and I do know the pavement is a whole new ball game. I'm getting there.

I ran a steady pace of 4.7mi/hour for 45 minutes.  Not fast, but it's something that I will slowly get better at. I'm short and so is my stride.

Tomorrow I either want to shave my time a bit or run longer. Wednesdays at the gym are really busy so it might not be best for me to hog a treadmill for an entire hour when there's really only 10 of them.

Now as for hitting the pavement, just need the snow to be gone. I don't care about the cold, but I certainly don't want to be that newby runner that slips on ice and puts herself out of commission before the race even begins.

Running goals - 5km in May and look for a 10 k for September or October.

I'm feeling good!

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