Tuesday, 15 January 2013

One day at a time?

What a crock.

I get that some things should be taken one day at a time, but when it comes to diet and exercise for a yoyo dieter  like myself, plans must be made. One day at time just sets you up for disaster.

Yesterday I set a small plan in motion. And I survived. By survived I mean, I battled my late night munching. Yesterday was a bit of a busy day. Starting at 3, it's go time. It starts with having to get my daughter from school, then immediately going and getting my son from preschool. Once home it's snack time and then my husband arrives home minutes later. He must shower and then leave again right away for his night of karate. Then I have to feed the kids supper, pack them up, drop my son off at my parents and take my daughter to karate. After karate I have to grab my son again and then finally head home. It's then that I got to eat my supper. It was late yes, but I think it made a great difference. I had a few healthy snacks to get me through that time of running around. Small plans, produce huge results.

So since I didn't wake up with complete guilt this morning for snacking out before bed, I'm hitting the gym today. I have to take Kayl to school for 9am and then Em and I are off to sweat. Em won't be sweating, but he's really been missing the fun he has going there and asks almost every morning.

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