Sunday, 20 January 2013

Don't open your door to anyone you don't know.

I made this mistake once. Looking back, it could have been deadly.

About 10 years ago, I was living with my ex and a roommate. My roommate and I were watching TV when we heard the door bell ring. I got up and answer the door. A guy in a panic said "My girlfriend was just in an accident, can I use your phone." Oh my goodness, I must help this person. I said "sure please come in".

Once inside, his demeanor changed in an instant and my heart sank. Panic set in. He began to look around. "So you guys live here?". He used the phone and my roommate and I were beyond uncomfortable. This "guy" asked if we had any money he could use for a cab to a neighboring city. We said no and asked him to leave. And he did.

Or did he? I heard him still on our front porch. He knocked on the door again. I ran upstairs to wake up my very large boyfriend. Just as he was coming down the stairs, this guy was back in our house again but fled once he seen who was coming.

This situation could have been a disaster. My gut feeling didn't kick in soon enough. My nurturing side did. Is that why woman are easy targets? That situation has taught me a lot. So many things that I could have done. Talked to him through the door. Offered to call someone for him.

This now brings us to yesterday. We held our first woman's self defense seminar. We started with that story, so that people could see just how bad it could have become. Yesterday was the first of two classes. We focused on a lot of awareness and what to do in certain types of attacks. Next week we'll continue with the other attacks.

The seminar is in no way designed to save a life, but create an awareness about getting yourself in situations that could be avoided, but also how to defend yourself if needed. Nothing is fool proof, but some knowledge is better than none.

And I just woke up to an email from someone that was at the seminar. She wrote:
"Your class today was beyond excellent - my husband doesn't like it so much lol, I shared your wife's story with everyone - and shared the information with my son about strangers. Definitely learned alot today."
So some basic tips:
  • Don't open your door to anyone you don't know.
  • Install and use a security chain. But remember, these break easily if the door is hit hard. So, always put the ball of foot on the edge of door when you do open it.
  • For women, don't let an unknown person at the door know you are home alone. Say you can't open the door because your father is taking a nap, etc.
  • If in doubt, call the police.
  • Never allow a stranger to use your phone
  • Keep all entrances to your home well-lit at night. And, keep foliage down around these areas so entrance points are clearly visible from the street or nearby homes.   

Very excited for the second part of the course next week!
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