Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Negativity feeds negativity.

Honestly. You can't feed happiness negative thoughts without it turning negative. Am I right? Or are you completely confused.

This is the year of self improvement. 

Late last year, we made a business decision. It was a decision that had been weighing on us for a very long time. But in business, there's a loyalty factor that can come into play. It really kills your soul to be loyal to negativity.  This "thing" breads negative thoughts. Thoughts that must be adopted. Like who you are told to like. Opinions you are told to have. Vote this way or else. Friends must be approved or harassment ensues.

It's sad really. Greed and ego can change people in the WORST way ever. I'm a good person, but I absolutely hate that we "adopted" these negative ideas and thoughts, because we thought we had to. We felt stuck. 

We are free now, and it is truly amazing how wonderful our souls feel. The doors that are opening because of the positive thoughts and people that we have in our lives is amazing. Not only will we survive, we're flourishing in so many ways. New adventures on the horizon. 

We are the power. Positively! 


  1. Well said! Looks like you made a life changing decision and I hope that it turns out well. Keep us all posted on your journey!

    1. We have an exciting time ahead of us. Thank you Brian!