Tuesday, 22 January 2013


For me, when it comes to diet/exercise or the lack of either, I can become obsessive. I can either eat, breath and live health or the complete opposite and binge and sit on the couch. I can't find a happy place in the middle.

I'm trying not to be that obsessive dieter/exerciser, but as each day moves on, it's happening. I wanted to change that in myself this year, but I'm struggling. I want to just make it a part of every day life for me. Right now I'm focusing so much on calories in and calories out. OBSESSING. I feel if I don't obsess about it, I will screw it all up, and then obsess about that bag of chips and container of dip.

I have to change my mind set. Having the odd indulgence doesn't undo everything you've accomplished. But when I do indulge, I tend to just throw in the towel.

Last week and this have been going well. Cardio is great. I've been doing at least 60 minutes a day when I'm at the gym. I also use a heart rate monitor so that I can obsess even more about my calories burned because we all know the number on the machine is NEVER accurate. My heart rate monitor might not be 100% accurate either but I'm faithful it's at least taking into consideration, my gender, my age and what my actual heart rate is.

One of the areas that I failed in, in previous weight loss attempts (not failed in the sense of not losing, I was losing, but couldn't keep it off) was to eat more when I worked out. I was so focused on having a HUGE calorie deficit. So I was starving and the weight would come off fast. This is changing for me now. I'm eating a bit more when I work out so that it comes off slowly.

So my journey continues.

Off topic, but it is FREEZING here in Ontario, Canada!

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