Monday, 31 December 2012

The final hours of 2012....

It's 8pm and all is quiet in the house. Kaylee is at her father's for the night, Rob is doing some business work and Emmett is taking a very, very, late nap.  I guess he'll have the opportunity to watch the ball drop with us in 4 hours.

Reflecting on the year brings lots of warmth to my heart. 2012 was a year with lots of love and little disappointment. That's doesn't mean there's nothing to improve on in 2013. There's a lot and I'm sure we'll need to constantly reinvent who we are as times and the world change.

One of the things I want to try and put some positive focus on is a negative "subject". That subject being PMS. Over the last few years, my changing monthly hormones have taken on a whole new perspective. I don't like it and I know for sure my family would love to see a positive change.  I've been to the doctor only to be told to go on birth control. That is not something I want to consider. There has to be a more natural way to correct this. So any suggests are welcome with open arms.

Literally the week before, I become a raging bitch (excuse the language but it's fitting). This becomes a time were it is literally best that I don't bless the outside world with my presence. I lack a filter and become a selfish, mean woman. And let's mention the 10lbs of water weight that I gain and make me feel like a million bucks!

Maybe with good nutrition and some meditation I can become better than what PMS makes me. Are there any natural remedies? I really do need help!

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