Sunday, 30 December 2012

Happy Birthday Grammy!

Today we had the pleasure of celebrating my mother's 59th birthday.

The day started off like any other Sunday. A nice relaxing morning with coffee and breakfast. It will probably be our last Sunday breakfast prepared by Tim Horton's, only because we're going to kick this New Year off on the right foot.

My husband Rob and our son went out and get a few groceries while I did some tidying around the house. Once he was home I got a roast I the slow cooker and the kids and I make a birthday cake for Grammy. It was quick and fun ending with the kids getting to lick the mixer.

Dinner was great as well as the cake, but we definitely pushed maximum capacity on the belt loops. I'm still stuffed!

My parents left after our tradition of watching AFV and we got our PJ's on and lounged.

Kids are now in bed and I'm heading that way soon myself.

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